Bugaboo Title

weekendclimberSo, you are wondering who we are and why we have created this site that you are now viewing. Well, the answer can be both long or short, so I'll attempt to answer it both ways.

The Short Answer: I've been climbing and hiking around the Northwest since I first moved to the Seattle area in 1991 and joined the boy scouts. It was during these mischievous years as a boy scout that I first learned about rock climbing, and subsequently mountaineering and alpine rock. During the summer of 1993, as a group, we climbed Mt. Baker and Mt Rainier. We also did a great many other hikes and scrambles throughout the Cascades culminating in a two week long trip in Alaska. From this point on I was hooked.

Now when I look back at all the hikes and climbs that I've done, it seems the memories had faded sooner than I have thought. So, what to do? How can I log those memories and pictures so that I can scroll back and see what has been done, and what may be left over to do?

This is not a site for spraying about how cool a climber I am, and all the typical bullshit. If you remember clicking on the link or typing this websites address in, it was weekend climber. This means I have a regular job just like everyone else, and my climbing is a way to release all the stress that builds up in the lowlands. It's about the experiences and the memories, and a little bit of talking about recent news and events.